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LeatherNu manufactures the finest leather care products available on the market. Save thousands by repairing your leather instead of replacing it.

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This is a great product, and worked well on the damage my cats did to a leather chair. They put hundreds of small claw scratches right thru the leather. The company's great, and sent me extra grain paper and dye at no charge so I could complete my repairs. It's best to practice first to get the right color match, and if the grain paper dries to the repair it can be easily soaked off with water without messing up the repair. I even mixed some dye into the repair compound, and used it to make some repairs once I found the right color match.

Actual Customer Review

Got it! Used it! Loved the ease of it! Thanks for the great customer service.

Actual Customer Review

GREAT product. We used it on a leather sectional that had significantly discolored in a spot about 4 inches by 12 inches. LeatherNu was easy to use and blended incredibly well. No one could tell a repair was done.

Actual Customer Review