LeatherNu Conditioner

LeatherNu Leather Conditioner & Protectant is unlike any other leather conditioner on the market. LeatherNu is made with a special formula that bonds to your leather and creates an invisible protective barrier, just like it had when it was new. Other leather conditioners are typically nothing more than oils and silicones that evaporate quickly or rub off onto your clothing over time, creating the need for constant reapplications. One application of LeatherNu will last a long time, rejuvenate your old and worn leather, and protect leather of any age against the elements. Quite simply, we think it is the best leather conditioner available on the market!

  • Makes old leather look new again
  • Protects new leather from premature aging
  • Eliminates minor scuffs and scratches
  • Restores natural shine

Before and After LeatherNu Conditioner