This is a great product, and worked well on the damage my cats did to a leather chair. They put hundreds of small claw scratches right thru the leather. The company's great, and sent me extra grain paper and dye at no charge so I could complete my repairs. It's best to practice first to get the right color match, and if the grain paper dries to the repair it can be easily soaked off with water without messing up the repair. I even mixed some dye into the repair compound, and used it to make some repairs once I found the right color match.


   By Amazon Customer

LeatherNu Is great stuff

My chocolate-brown leather couch had two areas where the color had worn off completely. I was seriously considering investing in a new couch when I saw this Leather Nu product online. I figured I'd give it a try before giving up on the couch and I'm very glad I did. By mixing brown and black dyes together with the supplied dropper and spatula, and then applying it to the worn areas of the couch with the supplied brush, it honestly looks like new again. It took a little experimenting to get the shade just right, but once I did, I painted it on and waited for it to dry. When it did, I could hardly tell where I had recolored. I haven't used the kit for leather repairs, but for recoloring, it's great.


   By MSHMiami

Amazing Product

I purchased this product to repair some areas on my leather sofas where the color had come off. I was initially less than pleased with the overall result after I carefully followed the directions. The areas repaired had a cloudy look to them and lacked the shine of the original leather. After the die had thoroughly dried I took a wet rag and wiped it all off. What I discovered is the product sticks very well to the areas where the coloring had come off but didn't to the places that didn't need repair. In the end, I can't see the areas that were repaired and am very pleased with the product.

Here are some other tips, I'll throw in:

Mixing colors: I took the green bottle that I knew I would never use and dumped it out and rinsed it clean. I then used this as a mixing bottle as I could easily cap it back up when I was done to save for future touch ups.

Color matching: Don't bother trying to apply your test mixes to an hidden area on your leather. After mixing the colors in the bottle you used in the above tip and shaking it for several seconds, look at the inside of the cap and compare it next to your leather. Your leather isn't a perfectly uniform color so just get as close as you can and it will be fine.

Don't waste your time with the sponge they included: The sponge they include is way to small to use for anything but very tiny areas. Go to a paint or home improvement store and buy one of those sponge paint brushes.

Don't be afraid to try this product on your leather. Like I said earlier, it doesn't stick well to the undamaged and shiny areas of your leather and can be wiped off with a wet rag.



   By D. Fuller

For best result, wipe off after it dries

I uploaded a picture, of my improved Tan Leather Seat back. This worked great to repair a cracked and torn seat back, upper corner, next to a seam, on my Honda Accord leather seats. Here are some tips & tricks. The materials are there, but you must supply a lot of patience and a lot of skill. The instructions are ok as a baseline, but far from good. Another review listed longer more detailed instructions which helped me a lot. I'd add the following. For my cracked seats: First clean the area, then I sanded it with 80 grit, then 400 grit, sand paper. This took off the high spots on the seat. Clean the area again to remove dust. Then use 3-4 layers of the supplied filler material (~glue consistency). Then use a hair dryer to speed up the drying time between coats of the filler material. In fact I used a hair dryer to dry the filler coats, and the paint coats. It really speeds up the whole process. For the paint one reviewer had a brilliant idea to help mix colors. Take one bottle of a color you know you won't use, in my case Green, and rinse it out. I can then use that as a mixing bottle and it preserves the paint from drying out. Here is a new tip for mixing color: I have tan/beige leather seats. To mix the right shade, outside of the car on a bench I filled my empty paint bottle 1/3 with white, then added drops of brown and mixed it with a long carpentry nail. I placed the headrest on the bench and held the nail next to the headrest to match the color. Slowly I added more drops of brown to shade the white to the right tone of tan. The provided instructions are good about telling you how to mix colors, and what base colors to use. I added brown, and a few drops of red to made the right tone of tan. I then applied the paint in a few coats, and dried the paint with a hair dryer to speed the drying. The paint dries a little darker then the wet color. I was happy I used a hair drier to speed the process, and I was able to quickly match the paint after about 4 coats. Each time I added more brown to slowly tint the white darker to match the existing leather seat. The final color match is perfect. Perfect. I used my own small brushes to feather out the color beyond the patched area, and the patched color is invisible. I didn't use the textured paper until the end. As a final coat, now with the perfect paint color, I put on a thin coat of paint and used the texture paper to add some texture to the paint surface. This adds some texture and kind of makes it look like leather again. The repair is not perfect, but it's significantly better than it was. From 6" you can see where the repair was, but from 1' or more, and if I didn't tell you; the repair disappears into the upholstery of the car. Best of luck!


   By Amazon Shopper =)

Tips/Tricks - Worked great

What a FANTASTIC product!!!! I used LeatherNu to re-dye the leather on a large chair and ottoman. The application process was simple and the end result was great. Because of the size of the area that needed restoration, I ran out of black,red and brown dye.I contacted the company to ask where I could purchase additional dye without purchasing a whole kit. Not only did I receive a response that same day, the company provided the products I ran out of at no charge and within two days of my request had shipped the products to my home. That's customer service!
Thank you!


   By Smm

Fantastic product, fantastic customer service

Our leather furniture set is only 5 years old and there were worn spots where my sons' heads had completely removed the color. I bought the kit but didn't have enough white and when I asked to order more they sent me two more bottles for free! Using the colors provided and the additional white, I was able to make a near perfect match. I covered two areas approximately 12 X 18 inches each. The couches look like new. I was dubious at first, but this is amazing stuff! I highly recommend this product.



   By Helen Nichols

Looks just like new!