LeatherNu Repair Kit twin pack

LeatherNu Repair Kit twin pack



Have a bigger project to tackle or multiple items to repair? Save $10 by purchasing a twin pack of our LeatherNu Repair Kits.

LeatherNu is a complete leather color restoration and repair kit that is designed to work with any leather that you own in any color. If you have leather items in serious need of color touch up or repair, look no further, LeatherNu is the only product you will ever need.

LeatherNu is designed to work on any type of leather you may own and is the only kit available that can touch up and re-dye worn or faded spots on your leather in addition to repairing actual damage like rips, burns, cuts, and tears.

Check out some of our customers' BEFORE & AFTER pictures!

NEW! - We now have a DEMONSTRATION VIDEO available! Use LeatherNu like a pro!

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